Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 University of Imam Sadiq, Tehran, Iran.

2 Ph.D Student, University of Allame Tabatabaei, Tehran, Iran.


Question of methodology is an essential aspect of understanding the social. Often, it is a changed methodology that results in innovative conceptualization in the arena of social sciences. This essay is an attempt to delve into social scientific method of conceptualization. The main question posed is how is an understanding of a concept achieved I. e. , how is it made meaningful to us? Fallowing late Wittgenstein, s ideas, the usually ignored methodology of conceptualization is discussed. Social scientists often do not define concepts properly and hence full into the linguistic caveat that can he called "conceptual reduction". Secondly, we have tried to introduce a new method and framework ''the phenomenological reduction'' that draws a new direction in investing meaning in new terminologies in social sciences. Last, this method is applied in the discussion of the concept of'' politics'' in the linguistic- conceptual network of Muslim thinkers