Document Type : Original Research Paper


Institute of Applied Science Technology Jahad Daneshgahi, Tehran, Iran.


Introduction: Specialized discipline is debated to inductive method & experimental observation. At first science of philosophy pattern Descartes had governed in the late 20 era. Critical analytical in the area of research to make background for forming interdisciplinary research. Interdisciplinary research to exist in reaction to disciplinary research & gap between research & decision making in social living. Questions in this research discussed were: what is the interdisciplinary research? What is the interdisciplinary paradigm? & what are the Interdisciplinary research educational implications? Method: The kind of this research was qualitative research that was used from descriptive –analytical method & documental method for to collect information. Findings have showed that Interdisciplinary researches were reconciling two & many disciplinary science for solving a human problem. This area of research was based on procedural pluralist. Destination of interdisciplinary research is solving two essentials needs. This two essentials needs were: Needs to Solving problems that disciplinary science can not solved in & needs to unify knowledge. The essentials aims interdisciplinary researches are integrating of science & critical thinking. Paradigm that dominated on this area is kind of integrating paradigm Implications this research are to develop critical thinking , social responsibility &skills of analytical