Document Type : Original Research Paper


Institute for Social & Cultural Studies, Tehran, Iran.


As a determinant factor in several socio-political events, Islamism has been considered as the focal point in variety of explorations. The present study suggests that to understand this complex and dynamic phenomena properly, it should be studied as an interdisciplinary concept; a motional one which moves throughout different social and human sciences’ boundaries and thus is not totally accessible within a special discipline. However, providing an opportunity to study the subject matter from various angels, the interdisciplinary approach to the subject helps to avoid reductionism and simplification. In order to obviate critiques emphasising on the methodological weakness of the interdisciplinary studies, it is possible to make critical discourse and debates from the point of view of different disciplines over the subject. This procedural understanding of the matter is a kind of hybridization in which not only all the participating disciplines save their own properties, but also the restrictions of their introspective approach might be overcome. The present study attempts to show that regardless of this interdisciplinary approach, any study on Islamism is improper, and even impossible.