Document Type : Original Research Paper


Institute for Social & Cultural Studies, Tehran, Iran.


Knowledge-oriented social life, society needs and problems complexity, expectation from universities for social services, innovation and academic entrepreneurship, problem-solving, and enriching education and research activities have transformed interdisciplinary activities development to strategic necessity in higher education. In recently half-century, interdisciplinary activities have had suitable outcomes and results for higher education system, industry and society. One of the most important interdisciplinary activities outcomes is inclination for designing and carrying out interdisciplinary activities by universities, industries, government, faculties, researchers and students. Iran's higher education and university system, the development of academic interdisciplinary towards defined goals and plan, so much success has not. With due consideration to importance and necessity of the interdisciplinary activities and existing challenges, by mixed qualitative research method, were investigated and analyzed why, what and how of interdisciplinary activities and its success factors and development requirements in universities. Finally, based on the study, six main factors and twelve key requirements for formation, growth and development of the interdisciplinary in higher education is derived and explained.