Document Type : Original Research Paper


Golestan University, Gorgan, Iran.


The aim of this research is survey of possibility Islamic Sociology Paradigm in recent situation in terms of lack of necessary agreement with acceptance of religious science among researchers, lack of philosophy of  Islamic social sciences, lack of Islamic sociology and its scientific community and finally others necessary circumstances for constitution of this paradigm. Principal question in here is how much the Islamic Sociology Paradigm is possible in changing context of current humanities (with western foundation and approach) to desired humanities (with Islamic foundation and approach) with consideration of posterior and coincidental emergence of paradigm in history of science? Theoretical framework here is Kuhn's theory in history and philosophy of science. Research method is documentary study in area of emergence of scientific paradigm via use of notation technique. Results show emergence of paradigm without critique and falsification current paradigms in coping with new needs and problems in scientific community has philosophic, logic and practical serious errors. In result, lack of acceptance of Islamic Sociology Paradigm as substitution paradigm among of scientific communities’ members in the world especially Islamic countries leads to impairments in thinking and faithful foundation of Islamic Sociology Paradigm.