Document Type : Original Research Paper


Ph.D Student of Futures Study, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.


Future research is a systematic study of possible futures, probable and desirable One major goal of future research is to An effort to forecast future developments Image processing is an attempt to creatively visualization and forecast possible future target probable and desirable, Looking for notification, or to create optimal conditions. Imagery is a valuable and important Because In a complex world Gives us the ability to forecast. This research focuses on the study of eight large image in world politics 1 - World Without Borders 2 - Around the World Democracy 3 - Conflict and the Clash of Civilisations 4 - The Chinese Century 5- international growth 6- growth and development of the southern part 7 - the next environmental disaster and the 8 - Toward Cosmopolitan Democracy. By studying these large images so the Imagery can be a good way to practice and To affect the actions of actors And even predict their future behavior and interaction of world politics.