Document Type : Original Research Paper


PhD in Development Economics and Planning



Despite a long history of planning, Iran still faces many economic and social problems. Production as the most important pillar of industrial development has many problems. The main question is what are the problems and disadvantages of development programs in the economic and cultural fields, to support production and productive activities and industrial development? For the answer, the analytical-descriptive method and content analysis in the framework of the theoretical foundations of the institutionalist economics approach have been used. A review of development programs shows that most of the production protection laws in development programs have been financial protections, but the production sector still faces the problem of supporting and receiving financial facilities. The results indicate that lack of clear industrial development strategy, lack of attention to anti-production economic culture, lack of identification of productive activities, attractiveness of investing in unproductive activities, lack of appropriate tax policies, lack of access to all bank accounts, lack of transparency, unstable macroeconomic environment And the insecurity of property rights is one of the most important problems of production and has caused financial protections to lead to unproductive rents and increased rent seeking. Another important but neglected issue in development planning is the lack of strategy for the transformation of economic culture and the mood of society in the path of industrial production and development. Neglecting this important has increased distrust and reduced social capital and anti-production culture.


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