1 Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education, Tehran, Iran.

2 Tarbiat Moallem University, Tehran, Iran.


It is almost three decades since the polemic challenges over the conceptualization ,comprehension and the ways of implication of interdisciplinary education and studies have been faced.These challenges, taking root from epistemological and methodological deficiencies of disciplinary knowledge in explaining and resolving complex issues of the real life ,still need to be taken up seriously.
Regarding the short history of theorization in the field of Interdisciplinary Studies ,the suitable methodology for this study could be a critical analysis of theories and common thoughts in the field.
The research findings of this theoretical study focus on conceptual integration ,alternative and critical thinking as the core issues which seem a prerequisite for the progress of Interdisciplinary Studies. Additionally, Interdisciplinary Studies are based on team interaction more than individual efforts. Factors like funding, professional orientation and institutional support, constitute the main contextual forces influencing interdisciplinarity .And also epistemological factors ,team factors and problem solving are the important factors in conducting interdisciplinary researches