1 University of Tehran, Iran.

2 Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran, Iran.


The essence of this study, by paradigmatic consideration, represents that research in Humanities conducted based on one paradigm like positivism, interpretive, critical theory, feminism, post modernism and chaos theory may bias thinking. This study aims at presenting an inventive framework originating from the pluralistic standpoint to analyze paradigmatic inter-disciplinary studies in conjunction with three criteria such as “structure”, “pattern” and “process ” to reach a better understanding of these types of research.
In this matter entrepreneurial marketing nascent concept as a subject of interdisciplinary, generated from the interface of marketing and entrepreneurship in managerial field, has been noted and illustrated in this inventive mapping. Results show that in new and inter-disciplinary researches, having simultaneously paid attention to different paradigms in different scopes can lead to better understanding of realties and freedom from context-depended thinking and prevent myopia