1 University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran.

2 University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.


In this complicated modern world, humans are in need of general views in order to solve their roblems. It is only Interdisciplinary Studies which specially promotes the integrity of Academic Ground as well as researches conducted by specialists and therefore, leading tothe dynamism of educational system and the development and reforming of culture. In addition, interfering with content, research methodology, principles and approaches have removed common scientific borders. The fact is that progress in every field is highly in need of views by scientists in interdisciplinary studies, than the researches undertaken by the scientists in that field. The interdisciplinary scientistsdo not accept the realities and needs of the new world of the ultra fields which have one-sided, narrow, limited and specific structures. They find familiarity with interdisciplinary approaches and the need to know their roots necessary for curriculum specialists. They also consider interdisciplinary specialties quite essential for faculties and institutes on the lookout for reaching new borders and creating specific necessities in the scientific field, particularly the humanities.
This paper is prepared in three sections: in the first section, the introduction, the necessity and importance of history of interdisciplinary approachesaredescribed. In the second section, interdiscipline and its types are discussed. In the third section, educational polices and their specialists and users are pointed out and the related challenges are taken on. Finally, some results and suggestions are presented which briefly follows: 1) simultaneous applying of disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches in research domain; in other words, logic structure stands in parallel with the organization of various skills, both under equal focus. 2) Rationalization of philosophy of existing of interdiscipline among officials, and the internalization of these values in individuals. 3) Investment in this domain due to the necessity of proper education in all fields, conducting general and practicable researches and facilitating the developments in one field with the help of the other