M.A Student in Economics, Imam Sadiq University, Tehran, Iran.


The purpose of this article is to suggest and apply a conceptual model which is appropriate to recognizing the effective force in economic decision making of humans. This article also illustrate that recognition of effective forces in economic decision making of human beings, is based on interdisciplinary surveys. For this purpose, in this article, at first we introduce four forces namely; economic, social, psychical, and religious, and then analyze the weight of every forces and discuss the consequence of this forces with scrutiny in causality relationship between them. We use the neoclassical orthodox approach in the Keizer model to analyze the three forces and then we use the Islamic doctrine to complete imperfection of that model. Finally, the consequence of this effort is to suggest complete conceptual model in the micro and macro level that can punctiliously and truly forecast decisions of humans in economic and we can use it in the policy making in economic planning.