1 University of Tehran, Iran.

2 Faculty of Economics, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.

3 M.A Student of Economics, Mofid University, Qom, Iran.


The elimination of institutions from economic analysis can be thought of as the most important cause in making economics as a separate science. The direct result of this step, which shows the desire of mainstream economics to follow physics in order to get the merit of "science" by wearing mathematical crown, was the dereliction of interdisciplinary studies and disregarding of ethics and politics. So, it can be claimed that, the elimination of institutions is one of the most unpleasant events in the history of economic thought and led this branch of human knowledge in an arena free from reality and full of mathematical abstractions. Regarding this fact, it seems necessary to study the causes of this neglect. This necessity encouraged us to fill the existing gap in the related literature and bring some reasons to light. In order to reach to this goal, using content and textual analysis methods, some major causes of ignoring institutions is identified, among which the following can be pointed: intense desire of some economists to follow physics, their mistake in separating economics from human sciences, the impacts of political events, and a set of epistemological and methodological reasons.