Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of Law, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, Iran.


Disciplined Survey of Multidimensional Phenomena Such As World-Wide Legal Phenomena, Calls for The Extension of Conceptual framework and To overcomes Epistemological /Methodological Dogmatism of International Law and Its Analytic /Imperative Logic, Prevails On Ontological / Epistemological Aspects of The Progressive Science of International Law and Its Pluralistic Methodology that has Reduced to the Collection of Non Sanction rules, and So It has Modified To Phenomenology of States Will. Regardless of The Fact ,The Application of Systemic Approach to Untested International Law Domain ,Per se ,Is Faced To Various Epistemological / Ontological Controversies and Methodological Challenges, However Epistemological Prerequisites Calls for In Regard to Rethinking Capacities of Systemic Explanation of International Law ,Its Status and Its Place Draws In The General System of Science So That Publicists Can Distinguish Its Analytic And Imperative Logic of International Law From Homogeneous / Heterogeneous Sciences . To This Purpose, It Supposes That International Law Is Organic Totality (Wholeness) and On The basis of Systemic Analysis, International Law Is Analytic and Interactive System. In the First Level of Analysis That Concerning To Theoretical and Scientific structures of International Legal Science Will be Explained And Analyzed The Methodology, Patterns of Explanation, Legal Language, Making Theory Process, testing Theory ,and In The Second Level of Analysis That Its Aim To Explain The Ontological Dimension of International Law It Will Be Analyzed Interactive Modes Of International legal System Which Is constituent Synthesis of Legal Institutions ,Norms , Styles , Procedures and Mechanisms That Will Be Studied In External – Internal /Boundary Patterns of Interaction