Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Faculty of Management and Accounting, University of Allameh Tabatabaei, Tehran, Iran.

2 University of Allmeh Tabatabaei, Tehran, Iran.


It is for some years that urban management major is conducted in some Iranian famous universities. The goal of the major is to educate students to become good urban managers because the city is a complex system that contains a lot of unexpected variables. Although this major conducted for some years, but there is still ambiguities among expertise and executive associations about its essence. Furthermore it seems that this major has a lot of gap with a preferred interdisciplinary major and therefore lots of the obligations of interdisciplinary majors are not considered. This paper has three goals, first determining the nature of urban management major; second, studying the essences and obligations of the major as an interdisciplinary and challenges of its current situation; and third, developing an analytical framework for the philosophy of urban management major in Iran. The research methods that used are observation, theoretical and comparative study, surveying and interviewing with urban experts and managers. The results emphasis that interdisciplinary nature should be of more concern in our universities. Also, findings show that lots of interdisciplinary mandates such as professors, educational methods and syllabus are not dedicated for specific nature of urban management and should be revised. Based on the theoretical framework, the essence of urban management in Iran has four pillars that are the need of urban management organizations to a comprehensive major, the possibility of resolving lots of currnt urban challenges and problems, non-comprehensiveness of other majors that is related to cities and finally successful experience of conducting urban management major in abroad universities. The essence and validity of all these items are approved.