Document Type : Original Research Paper



The main question of this research that is descriptive – survey, is: what are educational science course development challenges? (With 3 interdisciplinary fields, comparative, preschool and primary education). These challenges have been studied in 3 areas: economical, social – cultural, and instructional. The society of research is the all of students that have been study in these fields. The questionnaire has been made with researcher. For analyzes the research has been used the descriptive and perceptive statistics. The resolute show that the challenges are the obstacles for development of these disciplinary fields as humanities. Some of them are: improper economical base; the international strategies in the economical area; improper work shop for person that will be graduated; non familiarities with this course and it’s fields; bureaucracy; the curriculum is not suitable. Shortage of teachers and professors; shortage of research terms; and shortage of seminars and conferences.