Interdisciplinary Courses: Concepts, Approaches, Genealogy, and Typology

Jafar Tofighi; Hamid Javedani

Volume 1, Issue 1 , January 2009, Pages 1-17

  Complexity of interdisciplinary concept, which is a result of complex nature of sciences and various theories, calls for more scrutiny on quality, background as well as concepts and approaches related to this issue. Therefore, a better understanding of interdisciplinary courses requires exploration of ...  Read More

Status of Interdisciplinary Sciences in Terms of Educational Sciences

Mohammad Reza Nili Ahmadabadi

Volume 1, Issue 1 , January 2009, Pages 19-35

  Despite its quantitative growth, higher education system is unable to solve social problems. The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology has taken many decisions to review curricula, but they have not been useful and we still teach educational courses in the traditional way. Identifying reasons ...  Read More

History, Quality, and Philosophy of Interdisciplinary Sciences

Ebrahim Barzegar

Volume 1, Issue 1 , January 2009, Pages 37-56

  Interdisciplinary studies were considered necessary after revelations about weaknesses and shortcomings of specialization as well as ramifications in sciences. This idea puts emphasis on integration of sciences in such fields as philosophy, natural sciences, mathematical sciences, and humanities. Emergence ...  Read More

Gate-keeping Theory, a Method to Discover Interdisciplinary Sciences

Abdolhossein Khosrowpanah

Volume 1, Issue 1 , January 2009, Pages 57-76

  Philosophers have divided philosophy into general and special categories and believe that special philosophy deals with components of life. The selected viewpoint as to the quality of philosophy is that it deals with different features of human self. This definition allows us to discuss, on a wide scale, ...  Read More

Nature of Knowledge and Necessity of Interdisciplinary Studies with Emphasis on Postmodern Ideas

Saeed Zarghami

Volume 1, Issue 1 , January 2009, Pages 77-90

  This study aims to review the nature of knowledge and analyze necessity of interdisciplinary studies from the viewpoint of Derrida, who represents postmodern philosophy, to compare credibility of his thoughts with some prominent philosophers of science. Derrida maintained that such fields as philosophy, ...  Read More

Passing through Glass Barriers of Epistemology by Emphasis on Linguistic Necessities of Interdisciplinary Sciences

Ali Asghar Pourezzat

Volume 1, Issue 1 , January 2009, Pages 91-109

  Research process is very sensitive and painstaking; the least deviation in research process may cause deviation in scientific findings and make clarification of truth difficult. Every researcher is, at least, facing three glass barriers resulting from terminology, method and subject of research which ...  Read More

Linguistic Requisites of Interdisciplinary Studies

Ahmad Pakatchi

Volume 1, Issue 1 , January 2009, Pages 111-135

  When requisites of interdisciplinary studies are discussed from a linguistic angle, this non-prescribed field of science is expected to come up with models to describe different aspects of relationship among scientific languages, so that requisites could be deduced under prescribed conditions. According ...  Read More