1 University of Shahid Beheshti, Tehran, Iran.

2 M.A in Comercial Management, Islamic Azad University, Zanjan, Iran.


Development of interdisciplinary sciences is a multidimensional issue, thus paying attention to the mechanism, capacities and obstacles for realization of developing these sciences is a complicated task to be done. Generalizing this matter is not possible and mentioning some topics is the only thing to do as it is not common among all sciences whatever is proposed in this scope. And even the possessed in common increases in a specific area, there happen the differences case by case. These complexities deepen widely while the interdisciplinary sciences are the result of two or more different areas ‘likeness. In this study it has been tried to investigate this matter in humanities. The term interdisciplinary is often used with prudence and is usually substituted by the terms “multidisciplinary integration “and “interdisciplinary integration” which in this study we try to use it prudently. It has been some decades that orientation course is dominated in worldwide campuses which focuses on proficiency and benefits and these are just the specialists or experts of a specific course who are allowed to study and theorize it. Because of complex societies and diversity of the issues, this method’s inefficiency has been revealed more in these recent years; and it is considered as the most important basis of interdisciplinary prevalence. Of course perception and better and more perfect recognition of phenomena are also a good motive for propagation of these studies. By the term interdisciplinary studies, the process of different scientific courses’ involving in replying a question, solving a problem or laying an issue is meant which is not possible to be studied by a certain major since it is so complicated. In efficient interdisciplinary studies each scientific major is used as a reliable source of information in scale. It is indeed a matrix-approach in different sciences’ utilization system, so these studies not only reach to new sciences by combination of information but also will provide a perfect perception of similarities and differences among majors. The difference in assumptions, points of views, procedures, language and technical terms of each major and cognitive obstacle in humans are the problems which limit the usage of these sciences. Here in this study the indication of importance and necessity of researchers’ extension in humanities and universities go first, then the concept of interdisciplinary researches and its conditions to be done is described(implementations’ obstacles of these studies and the ways to overcome them are proposed).