Asistant Professor, Imam Sadiq Unuversity


When requisites of interdisciplinary studies are discussed from a linguistic angle, this non-prescribed field of science is expected to come up with models to describe different aspects of relationship among scientific languages, so that requisites could be deduced under prescribed conditions. According to existing ideas in different fields of human sciences about the relationship between language and thought, expansion of interlanguage relations due to contacts among different fields of science is a tool to develop thought and new horizons which are offered by those sciences. This will show the sensitive role of language in relation to sciences, on the one hand, while on the other hand, intensifying concerns that may result from abnormalities in inter-language relations.
Attention to some aspects of scientific language like differentiation between objective and historical aspects is essential for regulation of these relations and considering historical concepts as being objective or the opposite, can have destructive effects on interdisciplinary relations. Terminologies that are affected by other sciences which can be evaluated through a historical linguistic approach will be only worrisome when origins of those terms cannot be realized correctly or they are mixed or considered synonymous with other terms. Some infrastructural studies such as finding about linguistic genealogy of scientific languages as well as some case studies on genealogical, typological, and contact relations among languages can ensure more usefulness of interdisciplinary studies. Moreover, it seems that development of some study models may lead to emergence of methods to study how scientific courses can be linked and mechanism through which concepts are exchanged among them.