Thank you for agreeing to review a manuscript for the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities (ISIH). We hope you will find the following guidelines helpful as you prepare timely and informative reviews for manuscripts submitted to ISIH.

Peer review, also known as refereeing, is a collaborative process that allows manuscripts submitted to a journal to be evaluated and commented upon by independent experts within the same field of research. The evaluation and critique generated from peer review allows the editor to assess the paper’s suitability for publication in the journal. Reviewers’ comments are invaluable to author(s) as their suggestions will help improve their submission. Reviewers will highlight serious flaws in submissions that will impede publication, or whether there are additional trials or data available which support author conclusions. Should a manuscript be rejected, the comments supplied will enable the authors to improve their research. The peer-review process does receive much criticism and is not without its limitations; however, it remains a widely recognized standard in terms of journal quality.

We trust you to be prompt, fair, respectful of the rights of the authors, respectful of our obligations to the readership, and to evaluate the manuscript carefully and in depth. At the same time, on behalf of the ISIH membership, we are very grateful for the time and effort you invest in the review process.



Timing: If you are reviewing a manuscript, please aim to complete your review within 14 days. If you need more time or are unable to perform the review, please notify us immediately so that we can assign alternate reviewers if necessary.

Confidentiality: Any manuscript sent for peer review is a confidential document and remains so until it is published. Please do not show it to anyone or discuss it, except to solicit assistance with a technical point. If you feel a colleague is more qualified than you to review the paper, do not pass the manuscript on to that person without first requesting permission to do so. As reviewers’ identity is never disclosed to the Authors, make sure your comments are anonymous and you may not be identified from your observations.

Plagiarism: if you suspect that an article is a substantial copy of another work, please let the Editor know, citing the previous work in as much detail as possible.

Fraud: it can be very difficult to detect fraud, but if you suspect the results of any works to be untrue, please discuss your concerns directly with the Editor.

Conflicts of Interest: If you feel you might have difficulty writing an objective review, please return the paper immediately, unreviewed. If your previous or present connection with the author(s) or an author's institution might be construed as creating a conflict of interest, but no actual conflict exists, please discuss this issue in your confidential comments to the editor. If in doubt, feel free to contact the Subject-matter Editor who requested your review.

Fairness and objectivity: If the research reported in this paper is flawed, criticize the science, not the scientist. Harsh words in a review will cause the reader to doubt your objectivity; as a result, your criticisms will be rejected, even if they are correct! Comments directed to the author should convince the author that (1) you have read the entire paper carefully, (2) your criticisms are objective and correct, are not merely differences of opinion, and are intended to help the author improve his or her paper, and (3) you are qualified to provide an expert opinion about the research reported in this paper. If you fail to win the author's respect and appreciation, much of your effort will have been wasted.



Please provide a statement to identify the major contributions of the paper. What are its major strengths and weaknesses and its suitability for publication?

Support your general comments, positive or negative, with specific evidence. Remember that a review lacking substance will generally have less impact than a review that is well-reasoned and rich in content. If you intend to provide a marked up copy of your manuscript as part of your review, you can do so by uploading the file to the review form. However, we prefer to have these marked-up files in PDF format rather than Word to ensure that the comments and annotations can be easily forwarded to the author. Please remember to anonymize your comments. Comment on any of the following key points that significantly affected your judgment of the paper:

1. Presentation checklist

  • Title: Is the title adequate for the content, informative, concise and clear?
  • Abstract: Is it comprehensive by itself? Is the important and essential information of the article included?
  • References: Are appropriate and adequate references to related works covered sufficiently in the list? Full papers typically have approximately 30 or more references.
  • Structure and length: Is the overall structure of the article well organized and well balanced? Is the article written in the minimum length necessary for all relevant information?
  • Logic: Is the article written clearly and correctly? Does it have logical consistency?
  • Figures and tables: Are they essential and clearly presented?
  • English Abstract: Is the English language used in the article readable and good enough to convey scientific meaning correctly?

2. Scientific quality rating

  • Completeness of presentation: Is the presentation complete for a scientific article? Please rate the article by considering the evaluation given in 1.
  • Novelty and originality: Is the article novel and original? Does the article contain material that is new or significantly adds to knowledge already published?
  • Importance and impact: Do the presented results have significant importance and impact to the advancement in the respective field of research? Is this article likely to be cited in the future?
  • Theory: Does the submission contain a well-developed and articulated theoretical framework? Are the core concepts of the submission clearly defined? Is the logic behind the hypotheses persuasive? Is extant literature appropriately reflected in the submission, or are critical references missing? Do the hypotheses or propositions logically flow from the theory?
  • Method: Are the sample and variables appropriate for the hypotheses? Is the data collection method consistent with the analytical technique(s) applied? Does the study have internal and external validity? Are the analytical techniques appropriate for the theory and research questions and were they applied appropriately.
  • Errors: Is there any errors in technique, fact, calculation and interpretation?
  • 13. Overlap: Does this paper report data or conclusions already published or in press? If so, please provide details.
  • 14. Scientific misconduct 

3. Overall rating and recommendation

  • Summary of reviewer’s ratings: The result of reviewer’s rating is summarized.
  • Recommendation: Provide recommendation if it is needed.


Once you’ve read the paper and have assessed its quality, you need to make a recommendation to the editor regarding publication. The specific decision types used by a journal may vary but the key decisions are:

  • Accept – if the paper is suitable for publication in its current form.
  • Minor revision – if the paper will be ready for publication after light revisions. Please list the revisions you would recommend the author makes.
  • Major revision – if the paper would benefit from substantial changes such as expanded data analysis, widening of the literature review, or rewriting sections of the text.
  • Reject – if the paper is not suitable for publication with this journal or if the revisions that would need to be undertaken are too fundamental for the submission to continue being considered in its current form.

Reviewer’s remarks to the authors

Please provide comments and suggestions constructive and useful for the authors to improve the scientific quality and presentation of the article. If you are submitting a reviewer’s report to reject the article, you are asked to provide the reasons for rejection. Those comments are sent to the authors.

In order to make the time between manuscript submission and publication as short as possible, the reviewer is expected to make an effort to minimize the number of manuscript turnarounds between the authors and the reviewer. In preparing the reviewer’s report, it is recommended to point out all the critical issues involved in the article in the first round of the review process rather than adding new criticisms in the subsequent reviewing rounds.

Reviewer’s confidential remarks to the editor

Those comments are sent for the editor responsible to the review of the article, not to the authors. So any potential scientific misconducts, conflict of interest, etc can be mentioned here.

  • If you recommend “publish, please concisely describe the background and novelty/importance of the present research to merit its publication in the journal.
  • If you recommend “reject,” please briefly provide the reasons.
  • Other comments: Please provide additional information, if any, in relation with the evaluation of the article.

When authors make revisions to their article in response to reviewer comments, they are asked to submit a list of changes and any comments for transmission to the reviewers. The revised version is usually returned to the original reviewer if possible, who is then asked to affirm whether the revisions have been carried out satisfactorily.


Reviewer Name Specialty Affiliation
maasumeh gharun Economics Faculty member
ali asghar firozjaeian Sociology sociology,university of mazandaran
Esmaeil Feizi Bu Ali Sina
Mehdi Fatehrad Management Sharif University of Technology
Nematollah Fazeli Climatology, Cultural Anthropology
M. Fazeli Sociology Shahid Beheshti University
Mohammad Mahdi Faturehchi Communications Head of Media and Culture Department
Somayeh Fereidouni Educational Management higher education administration studies department- Institute for research and planning in higher education
Abdolhossein Farajpahlou Knowledge and Information Science Professor/Dept. Knowledge and Information Science, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz
Manuchehr Farajzade Geography Tarbiyat Modares University
Hasanali Faraji Sabokbar Geography Tehran University
Masoud Kousari Sociology University of Tehran
A. Kalantari Jurisprudence Haeri University
Amir Mohammad Colabi Tarbiat Modares University
Mousa Kamanroodi Khawrazmi University
A. Kazemi Sociology Institute for Social and Cultural Studies
ali karimi Political Sciences, Sociology department of political science, faculty of law and political science, university of Mazandaran
Gholamreza Goodarzi Management
mohammad ganji university of kashan
Hossein Ganjidoust Climatology Full Professor Environmental Engineering Dept,
adel paighami Economics economics
Farzam Pourasghar Sangachin Head of Sustainable Development Group, Spatial Planning and Supervision Affairs, Plan and Budget Organization, Tehran, Iran
Mansour Pahlevan Quraanic Sciences
Soleiman Pakseresht Social Sciences, Sociology Bu-Ali Sina University
Hossein Payandeh Interdisciplinary, Language and Literature Professor of Critical Theory, Allameh Tabataba'i University
Ali Paya National Center for Scientific Research Department of Politics and International Relations, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages, University of Westminster (UK)
A. Pasebani Some'e University
Farhad PARVIN Law faculty of law/ university of Allameh Tabatabaii
Mohammad Yekrangi Criminal Law Faculty member of the University of Tehran, Criminal Law and Criminology Department
Mashallah Yousefi Ministry of Science, Research & Technology
M. Yamani Doozi Sorkhabi Educational Sciences Shahid Beheshti University
Abouali vedadhir Social Sciences Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran
Mehrdad Qayyoomi Architecture, Interdisciplinary Shahid Beheshti University
Mohammad Ghahramani Educational Management Professor, Shahid Beheshti University
M. A. Ghaneirad Sociology Iranian Sociology Association
M. Ghaderi Professor
Esmaeil Ghaderifar Innovation and Technology, Management Advisor to the president's science and technology vice president
khashayar ghazizadeh Art other
Mohsen Nafar Art IRIB University
Farshad Nourian Tehran University
Khalil Noruzi Policy-making in Science and Technology Ministry of Science
Hamzeali Nourmohammadi Knowledge and Information Science Shahed University
khosro Economics expert
Sayed Reza Naghibosadat Communications, Sociology Allameh Tabataba'i University
Abdolhamid Noghrekar Architecture
A. S. Naghshineh Archeology Shahid Beheshti University
Bahman Motlagh A faculty member of Shahid Beheshti University
Seyed Abdolamir Nabavi Political Sciences Regional Studies Department. University of Tehran
Hamid Nassaj Political Sciences Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Isfahan
Nasrullah Nazari Sociology The reseacher of AL-Musta International Research Institute
Saeid Nazari Tavakkoli Jurisprudence University of Tehran
mohammad nematy Economics رییس مرکز نواوری و ایده پردازی در علوم انسانی اسلامی
Ghadir Nasri Political Sciences
Hosein Hooshangi Philosophy Imam Sadiq University
reza hemmati Sociology University of Isfahan
Ali Reza Hemmati Future Studies of Higher Education شریعتی بالاتر میرداماد - روبروی ایستگاه مترو شریعتی کوچه شواری کوچه زمردکار پ 11 واحد 7 کد پستی 1948733163
S. Zia Hashemi Sociology MSRT
Mehdi Hadavand Law Allame Tabatabaei University
Mahmoud Hormozi Psychology Department of Psychology Paiam-e-Noor University Tehran.Iran
Reza Maknoon Water Engineering Associate Professor
Sayyed Mojtaba Mirlohi Public Management شهرک اکباتان بلوک e2 ورودی 8 طبقه سوم پلاک 238
Saied Mohammad Mirsondosi Sociology Imam Hossain University
F. Mo'meni Economics Allame Tabatabaei University
Fereshte Mootabi Psychology ُShahid Beheshti University
Nematollah Mosapour Curriculum Planning Shahid Bahonar University
Sayed Farhad Musavi Water Engineering Semnan University
M. Mousaei Economics Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran
Reza Maniee Higher Education Faculty Member of Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education
fardin mansouri Accounting department
Reza Mahdi Interdisciplinary Faculty member
S. Mohammad Mahdizade Communications Allame Tabatab'i University
Mahmoud Mehrmohammadi Curriculum Planning, Educational Sciences Professor of curriculum studies, Tarbiat Modares University
M. MehrAyin Sociology National Research Institute For Science Policy Of Iran
Amirhossein Mahoozi Language and Literature university of payame - noor
Reza Mahoozi Philosophy Institute for Social and Cultural Studies
Fateme Modiri Sociology Family Department, National Institute for Population Research
M.R. Moridi Sociology University of Tehran
Mohammad Ali Moradi Economics Entrepreneurship Development Department, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran
ALIREZA MORADI Sociology Ministry of Science,Research and Technology
Mohamadreza Moradi tadi Political Sciences
seyed khodayar mortazavi Interdisciplinary faculty of law & political science
seyedhadi Marjaei Higher Education, Sociology Comparative study/ Assistant professor/ IRPHE
A.H. Mozayani Economics Tarbiyat Modares University
M.A. Mazaheri Psychology Shahid Beheshti University
Mohsen Hesam Mazaheri Sociology Arma publisher
Hamed Mazaherian Architecture University of Tehran
F Aghagolzade Linguistics Tabiyat Modares University
mohammad atashak Educational Management mpo
M. Azarbayjani Psychology
nader ofoghi Sociology social science-humanities-university of guilan-rasht-iran
Asghar Eftekhari Political Sciences Professor of Politival Science at Imam Sadig University
Gholamali Afrooz Psychology University of Tehran
Hassan Afrakhteh Human Geography Kkharazmi University
R. Akbari Philosophy Imam Sadeq University
Nadieh Imani Architecture University of Art
Hossein Imani Jajarmi Sociology, Urban Planning Tehran University
Asghar Izadi-Jeiran Department of Social Sciences, University of Tabriz
Farough Amin Mozaffari Higher Education University of Tabriz
Hamid Amin Esmaeili University
Mojtaba Amiri Management, Public Management مدیر گروه مدیریت دولتی
Saeid Amirian Economics Planing and Budget Organization
Mahmoud Abolghasemi Shahid Beheshti University
H. Ebrahimabadi s
hissein ebrahim zade asemin Sociology Assistant Professor of Geography and Urban Planning, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan, Iran
M. Ebrahimi Humanities University of Isfahan
zahra ahmadipour tarbiat modares university
Ebrahim Ekhlasi Sociology Assistant Professor of Sociology, Allameh Tabatab'i University
Mohsen Esmaili Law Allame Tabatabaei
Mohammad Eshaghi Criminal Law, Jurisprudence University of Tehran
ali akbar asadi International Relations Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies
Milad Bagi Demography Assistant Professor of Demography, Department of Social sciences, Bu-Ali Sina University
Abdollah Bicharanlou Interdisciplinary Faculty Member of Tehran University
fariborz bayat Sociology Editor of the Quarterly Journal of Social Science Development Education Ministry
Rohullah Bayat Economics Imam Khomainie International University (IKIU)
B. Birashk Psychology Iran University of Medical Sciences
Hasan Bonyanian Management, Public Management University
Ali Bagheri Water Engineering Tarbiyat Modares University
Morteza Bahrani Institute for Social and cultural Studies
Naser Barakpour Urban planning department, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, The University of Art, Tehran, Iran.
E. Barzegar Political Sciences Allameh Tabataba'i University
D. Bassanj Shahid Beheshti University
Hossein Basirian Jahromi Communications Ph.D (2014), ATU; New Media Research Manager @IRIB Research Center
Ebrahim Towfigh University
Mohammad Ali Tavana Political Sciences University of Yazd
alireza taghipour associate professor at buali sina university
Faramarz Taghilou Political Sciences Tabriz University
Naseraldinali Taghavian Philosophy Institute for Social and Cultural Research
Ali Akbar Taghvaee Urban Planning Dept. of Urban &Reg. Planning, Faculty of Art & Architecture, Tarbiat Modares University
Seyed Hassan Taghvaei Architecture Shahid Beheshti University
Fathollah Tari Economics University
M.R. Javadi Yegane University
Hamid Javdani Educational Sciences Associate Professor/ Higher education Governance Department/ IRPHE/ Tehran/ Iran
Arash Heydari Sociology assistant professor at science and culture university of Tehran
Narges Haji Molla Darvish Behavioral Economics Alzahra University
Bahman Hajipour Management Shahid Beheshti Univeristy
ahmad habibnezhad Law دانشیار گروه حقوق عمومی پردیس فارابی دانشگاه تهران
Karam Habibpour Gatabi Sociology Kharazmi University
M. Habibzadeh University
Saeed Habiba Law Private Law Department, Faculty of Law and Political Science, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
S Hosseini Water Engineering Physical Geography Department, University of Tehran
S. M. Hoseini Political Sciences University of Tehran.
Mohammad Hoseini Moghadam Future Studies of Higher Education Foresight group
Y. Hassas Yeganeh Accounting Allameh Tabataba'i University
Datis Khajeheian Management Department of Business Management, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran
Gholamreza Khoshfar Sociology Department of Sociology, Humanities Faculyu, Golestan University, Gorgan, IRAN.
Hosein Khanifar Educational Management University of Tehran
Ali Khaksari Urban Planning Allameh Tabataba'i University
Saeed Khani Demography Department of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Kurdistan
Sadra Khosravi Communications خیابان پاسداران، خیابان شهید مؤمن نژاد (گلستان یکم)، پلاک ۱۲۴، مؤسسه مطالعات فرهنگی و اجتماعی
Alireza Daghighiasli Economics Faculty of Economics and Accounting, Velayat academic complex, Salman st., Khandan st., Ghaem square, Artesh boulevard, Sohanak, Tehran, Iran.
H Dehghani Sanij Water Engineering Insitute for aqriculture
Mahdi Dahmardeh Language Teaching The University of Tehran Faculty Member
Mohammad Reza Dehshiri Political Sciences School of International Relations
Maryam Danaye Tous Linguistics University of Guilan
Hamideh Dabbaghi Sociology استاد مدعو دانشکده علوم اجتماعی دانشگاه علامه طباطبایی
Fariborz Doroudi Library Sciences Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology (IranDoc)
Ahmad Dorahaki Demography Assistant Professor of Demography, Allameh Tabataba’i University
ghasem darzi Universiry of Shahid beheshty
Yashar Zaki Geography, Human Geography Political Geography, Faculty of Geography, The University of Tehran, Tehran - Iran.
M. Zokaei Sociology Allame Tabatabaei University
H. Zolfaqari Language and Literature Tarbiyat Modarres University
Narges Zaker Jafari Art, Music Studies Department of Music, Faculty of Art and Architecture, University of Guilan.
Jalaedin Rfai'far Archeology, Social Sciences
Seyed Abol hassan Riazi Geography
M. Rooz khosh Sociology University
Belqeis Roshan Linguistics Payam-e Noor University
Farajollah Rahnavard Public Management Institute for Management and Planning Studies
M. T. Rahnamaei Geography
Hajiieh Bibi Razeghi Nasrabad Associate Professor of demography, National Population Studies and Comprehensive Management Institute, Iran.
Mohammadreza Rahimzadeh Architecture University of Art
Hamid Rahimi Educational Management Kashan University
Hossein Rahman Seresht Management Allameh Tabatabaei
Jabbar Rahmani
Daryush Rahmanian Kooshki History Tehran University
V. Rostami Law University of Tehran
zahra rashidi Curriculum Planning Assistant professor of the Department of Educational Innovation and Curriculum, Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education
M. Rezwani Chaman Zamin Management ISlamic Azad University
Ahad Rezayan Future Studies of Higher Education Tehran University
Mohammad Javad Rezaei Economics Shahed University
reza zahravi Law
Mohammed Hadi Zahedi Vafa Economics Imam Sadegh University
saeid zahed zahedani Demography, Sociology
ali zadeh mohamady Clinical psychology shahid beheshty university , art therapy center
H. Zare Future Studies of Higher Education, Management Yazd University
Mohammad Hosein Zareian Baghdadabadi Interdisciplinary no
A. A. Safoddin Future Studies of Higher Education Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies (FNST), University of Tehran
Kaveh M. Cyrus Management Assistant Professor IE&MS Dept. Amirkabir U. of Technology
sahar soltani Philosophy of Educations kharazmi university
Saeed Soltani Bahram Sociology University of Tabriz
Ali Asghar Semsar Yazdi Water Engineering Managing Director of TKCE Consulting Engineers
Morteza Sameti Economics Retiered Faculty Member of Economic Department , University of Isfahan
seyed mahdi sajjadi Philosophy of Educations Tehra.Al-ahmad highway.Tarbiat modares university.Humanities.Education department
Saideh Saidi Cultural Anthropology, Sociology s
Gholam Reza Saeedi Future Studies of Higher Education تهران- میدان قدس- خیابان شریعتی- خیابان موسیوند- خیابان کریمی- بن بست محققی سوم- پلاک 2- واحد 1
M.R. Saeeidi Centere of
M. Shafieefar Political Sciences University of Tehran
Abbas SHeikholeslami Criminal Law Faculty of law azad mashhad university
H. Sheikholislam Political Sciences
M. H. Sheikholislam International Relations School for International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mohammad Sheikhi Allameh Tabataba'i University
Esmaeil Shieh Architecture, Urbanism Urban Planning Dept.School of Architecture and Urban Planning .Iran Univ of Science and Tech.
A. Shams Law, Social and Economic Law University of Tehran
Naser Shams Gharneh Management Faculty Member and Director of Industrial Engineering and Productivity Research Centre
Zahra Shakeri Law Tehran University
Reza Shajie Sport Management University of Tehran
Ali Shojaee zand Social Sciences Assistant professor of University of Tarbiat Modares
H. Shairi Linguistics Iran
Mohsen Taheri Demneh Future Studies of Higher Education ​Assistant Professor Faculty of Advanced Sciences and Technologies University of Isfahan Member of World Futures Studies Federation
mahdi toghyani Economics
M. R. Eivazi Political Sciences, Political Sociology Imam Khomeini International University
Ali Akbar Alikhani Political Sciences University of Tehran
Saied Mohsen Alavi pour Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies
A. Alavitabar Public Administration, Public Management College of Environment
Lotfali Agheli Economics Economic Research Institute,, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran
mohammad abbaszadeh Sociology associate professor in sociology, university of tabriz
Enayat Abbasi Agricultural Education, Demography Department of Agricultral Extension and Education, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.
B. Abdolkarimi Philosophy Aligarh Muslim University
jamal abdollahpour Humanities and Development, Sociology assistant professor of management & social science department - niroo institute
Adel Abdollahi Sociology National Institute for Population Research.Iran
Shahab Araghinejad Water Engineering University of Tehran
abbas arabmazar Economics depart. of ecomomics ,Shahid Beheshti U.
Abbas Askari-Nodoushan Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran
Ali Asgariyazdi Philosophy Professor at University of Tehran
A. Azimi Sociology Institute for Imam Khomeini and Islamic Revolution
Hamid Reza Azemati Architecture
gholamreza ghaffary وزارت علوم، تحقیقات و فناوری
Farzad Gholami Communications Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Department of Social Communication Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran
Davoud Gharayagh-Zandi Political Sciences Department of Political Science, Faculty of Economic and Political Science, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran-Iran
Reza Safari shali Sociology Faculty member of Kharazmi University Sociology Department
F. Safarzade University
E. Salehi University of Tehran
Sadegh Salehi Sociology University of Mazandaran
masoumeh sadeghi Language and Literature Asststant Professor in Department of Persian Language and Literature
جواد Sadeqi Jafari Sociology Faculty member, Department of Cultural and Media Management,, Faculty of Culture and Communication, Soore University
Hamid Reza Saremi Urban Planning Associate Professor of Urabn Planning, Department of Urban Planning, Faculty of Art and Architecture, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran
somaye esmaalizade Linguistics
AMENEH Sedighian Bidgoli Interdisciplinary