IRAN Banking Institute, Central Bank of Iran, Tehran, Iran.


In this paper we discuss about effective method of research and education of Islamic economics through inter-disciplinary procedure. Nowadays this procedure in advance methodology of education in economics has been concentrated as “Focused Interest Group” (FIG).
Although the purpose of positivist economists about FIG is related to profit-oriented of inter-disciplinary procedure, but in Islamic economics, this attitude has sustainable economic development, whereby secure and cover positive as well as normative approach of educational materials to help certain efficiency of knowledge.
This procedure of education had been focused in Islamic literatures, and also in holy Qur’an (12/108 & 39/17-18) before attention of western countries. Therefore, in this research, significant view of scholars, lecturers and researchers of Islamic economics, acquired through questioners, and the results of research has been analyzed.
Achieving prerequisite and diversity connections of Islamic economics’ and its indispensable educational materials, help us to modeling an inter-disciplinary framework that it may mutate other human sciences structure.