Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Ph.D. Student of Cultural Policy, Cultural and Social Studies Institute, Tehran

2 Associate Professor of Comparative Studies and Innovation in Higher Education, Institute for Research and Planning of Higher Education, Tehran, Iran

3 Associate Professor, Department of Cultural Studies, Institute of Cultural and Social Studies, Tehran, Iran


Internationalization has become a major issue and a widespread phenomenon in higher education area.. One of the aspects of policy making in this area is paying attention to the cultural dimensions of internationalization of higher education, which provides the terms of acceptance of this phenomenon and prevents conflicts. Considering the importance of cultural issues and the role of reproduction of culture in higher education, this article seeks to answer the question of what cultural requirements for internationalization of higher education are required. To answer this question, a mixed research method (qualitative and quantitative) was used. The findings showed that in order to promote the internationalization of higher education in Iran, it was necessary to consider the adoption of cultural policy at the levels of governance, the international environment, the domestic environment (national culture), and universities and higher education institutions simultaneously, and in each case it is necessary to adopt proper policies. The main suggestion of this paper is presented in the form of a comprehensive and universal model based on all levels and the far and near environment of higher education.


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