1 Assistant Professor in Commercial Management, University of Payam-e Noor, Tehran, Iran.

2 University of Isfahan, Iran.

3 University of Shahid Beheshti, Tehran, Iran.


In most of the major development strategies and plans, a special emphasis on the production of knowledge and turn it into goods and services used by the community, though in some fields of knowledge, such as basic sciences, qualitative and quantitative growth of the documents have been good, but the relationship between science and practice in the Humanities is one of the major issues, which in recent decades, many disputes and debates to look for. In this regard, this study tries to investigate factors related to using research findings in Humanities and social sciences in organizations and provide appropriate solutions. Research methods used in this research, the survey on which the impact of the four indices of potential acceptor, properties of organization; properties of research and communication characteristics, as "predictor" variables on the application of the results of research, as the "criterion variable" examined. In summary the results of the research indicate that four variables hsve determinant and significant effects on lack of using research finding. However, between these factors, the most important characteristics of the potential acceptor by 83.6 percent has the greatest impact.