Department of Urban Development, University of Kurdistan, Iran.


Human social life in the twentieth century was transformed and Urbanization was the dominant life pattern. The emergence of large cities around the world was complex and diverse problems for human settlements, therefore Was necessary to establish some degree of order to the city to comprehensive study the urban complex problems. It is clear that geography is one of the pioneers in the field of urban research and education. Although a long-standing history of geography, As long as human life, but urban geography has a short history. Urban geography quickly grew and spread in short period, and became one of the most apply fields. At the same time, urban planning was formed and began its evolution, more rapidly than expected. Urban planning In the West and in developing countries to become an professional fields. Often there is consensus that urban geography and urban planning are both modern science and interdisciplinary nature, And clear links in their evolution. This paper is a descriptive and analytical approach by using written sources and texts for analysis and evolution of interdisciplinary nature of both. While the urban geography is its interdisciplinary nature, it has become part of the new urban planning discipline. Urban planning, by use of geography and other urban sciences, create a new interdisciplinary discipline. Urban planning create one integrate field from variety of applications to solve urban problems.