Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Islamic Azad University, Shahr-e Rey, Iran.

2 The Expediency Discernment Council of the System, Tehran, Iran.


To achieve the progress and sustainable development its inevitable and necessary to pay attention to the local needs, decentralization, good governance, downsizing of government structures, adjustment of concentrated governance structures, division of national and local work and pay attention to the spatial rights. The current conditions of globalization have a strong convergence in one hand to the localization and on the other hand to the massive urbanization. Although the local management in Iran focusing on municipals have more than a hundred years precedent, but because of the political and institutional structure facing the government and parliament, and the reliance on oil revenues, has been instituted a centralized structure in management of country that conflicted with regional sustainable development and also regional and local governance and constitution. Continuing of this situation cause to major problems for the country and challenges for gaining sustainable development. This paper try to show and introducing the “decentralization as a basic model” to gaining to the comprehensive development; in the other words, decentralization as a development is the fundamental accepted model and on the base of this model we need to reorganizing the structures of executive and legislative in Iran. Methodology in this research is analytical, the needed data and information has gathered by documentary methods and elite meeting. The result of this research shows that there is the context of this paradigm and proposed model (decentralization as a basic model) But the development-oriented political believe and determination and foresight necessary to achieve optimal horizon. The realization of this model requires extensive structural and institutional changes in the governance of the country and this will not be achieved without political will and belief.