1 Faculty of Sociology, University of Payam-e Noor, Iran.

2 Faculty of Sociology, University of Payam-e Noor, Tehran, Iran.

3 Faculty of Geography, University of Tehran, Iran.


Geography as an interdisciplinary science that always trying to play their proper role in development process, it has been focused so much attention on the women as half of development power. This research with interdisciplinary approach is trying to analyze influence of ICT on empowerment of rural women in the central part of LAHIJAN eparchy. Then applied the explanatory approach. Field studies and questionnaire technique also is used. Research hypothesis is based on that the ability of ICT explains part of rural women Empowerment. But the power levels at different stages, it is not homogeneous and harmonious and Welfare stage is stronger than the other stages. For last analysis, Factor and regression analysis were used. Research findings indicate that analysis supports the hypotheses. Finally, the conclusions were based on research findings were presented.