Document Type : Original Research Paper


University of Allmeh Tabatabaei, Tehran, Iran.


Higher education as a human resource development and production of knowledge system play an important role in economic development, social and cultural rights in any country. The role of human development, particularly in developing countries and experienced professionals, especially faculty is undeniable. In this twenty-year perspective can be considered for future community development. In this document, the need to develop human resources with advanced knowledge, enabling the production of science and technology, human resources and social capital rests on top of emphasis. Hence the importance of higher education can be realized in the future development of the country. 
Thus, the nature and quality of an institution of higher education depends on the quality of its faculty member. Respond to the emerging needs of the scientific communities interdisciplinary studies are needed. The article focus on the concept of the faculty development and different aspect of it then new approaches to the role of faculty in promoting interdisciplinary research located at the end of the analysis and new strategies is presented to improve the quality of interdisciplinary science.