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Abstract Quality education and research, including the major concerns of higher education systems in most countries of the world.Surveys show that despite its role in human resource development and universities have always been the efforts of this is that they can train students to solve community problems, and failures of education is still lacking. University as an organization that plays an essential role in the development of scientific, cultural and professional training should keep pace with scientific developments, and educational needs of national and global scale, continuous process to improve their educational quality. This study examines some of the factors affecting educational quality has been improved. These include supporting students and professors, faculty, administrative services, library services, educational programs and locations, are infrastructure and facilities. To identify and ranking factors that influence the improving educational quality using the AHP approach is used to the opinions of130people of Professors and Students of the University. According to information obtained by using expert choice software provided training program with a weight 0.338 has the greatest impact on improving the quality of education. Then faculty members with weight 0.246, Supporting students and teachers with weight0.122, Location, infrastructure and facilities with weight0.103, Library Services with weight0.102, Administrative Services with weight0.089, The are next priorities