Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 University of Allameh Tabatabaei, Tehran, Iran.

2 Education Research Institute, Tehran, Iran.


The goal of the research Analytical and Comparative study of characteristics curriculum higher education for Distance studies in Iran and England and India In this study the similarities and differences of curriculum characteristics of higher education institutions in these countries from a distance in order to improve the Iranian education system of comparison. Comparative cultural research study by type-descriptive Anatomy descriptive and its methods based on comparative analysis, in accordance with the method and procedures shall be such as brodi Required information for responsiveness to questions through a library of documents and search the global network of original articles and reports on related and Internet sites of the Ministry of higher education and research in developing countries is gathering case study The most important results obtained have shown that the use of successful experiences in the developing countries and its localization and drawing the landscape of higher education from a distance due to raise the power of selecting students, promotion of innovation and action fronts and be remote education system accordingly to the necessity of integrated approach on Integrated and methods of distance learning and paying attention to the fundamentals, and This system students individual differences in axial and educational emphasis on design.