Document Type : Original Research Paper


Assistant Professor, Islamic Philosophy and Wisdom in Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran.


Improving applied science is one of the main goals in higher education policy, Todays. In the meantime, practicalization of theoretical sciences is difficult and complicated because dividing science into practical and theoretical, puts these two groups of sciences in front of each other. Although, Sciences like physics and chemistry have been divided into applied and theoretical since a long time, dividing philosophy into theoretical and applied philosophy has not been considered seriously. The term “Applied Philosophy” has been used by some philosophers recently and there are some centers working under this name, but teaching applied philosophy is not a powerful stream in higher education. In this paper by showing the difference between applied philosophy and what is traditionally called practical wisdom, I’m going to argue that Interdisciplinarity is one of the best ways of developing applied philosophy and introducing some fields it.