Document Type : Original Research Paper


Assistant Professor of Political Science, Payam-e Noor University, Tehran, Iran.



Achieving an accurate knowledge about the relationship between history and politics and then achieve an understanding of the Interdisciplinary nature of these two branches of the humanities is the fundamental purpose of this study. This goal can be more realized with a focus onagency. In other words, human agency is a turning point that Focused onit, this article attempts to read avariety of texts about it. The question of agency in the relationship between historyand politics is formulated that way: is the politics a manifestation of human agency in settling his personal and public life? Or Reflects course of victimization of entities of human and social against the will predetermined that forms their affairs or with respect of both? But the answer to this question is: Human in the political arena affected by the historical structures andvice versa the historical structures in the political arena form with human agency. On this basis for a deep understanding of the quality of agency it is necessary simultaneous attention to history and politics. While the garlicin history regardless of the politics (that is manifestation of agency and makes the history) is an unfinished attempt and also study of politics regardless of the history (that structures of against agency comefrom the depths of history) is insufficient. This relationship tells from interdisciplinary nature of knowledge of history and politics. Moreover their interaction also provides Possibility of creating an interdisciplinary knowledge.