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Associate Professor of Social and Economic Law, Institute for Advanced Education and Management and Planning, Tehran, Iran.


In countries with different ethnics, local people highly seeking to control local internal affairs administration by themselves. If central power cannot, in stable conditions, guide this tendency well, and reinforce national consensus field, in instable conditions, disintegration field of the country will be provided. In historical background of our country, both experiences have been existed: experience of Safavid Dynasty and dynasties after that till Pahlavi era and "administrating of local public affairs with three different approaches is a contemplative experience, for enforcing theoretical and practical principles of administrating local affairs in Iran. The present interdisplinary research relevant to Public Administration & Public Law, in the light of target, is theoretical and fundamental research directed towards revealing historical facts as well as its data collection conducted based on "documentary study". In a more obvious term, research methodology in this article is historical research and survey method with analytical-descriptive approach: in this respect, at first by using sources, events and incidents are described, and then analyzed, and finally new proposals will be provided that will give us new achievements in this field.


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Shams, A. (2017). A theory on local governance of organizations in Iran. Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities, 9(2), 29-55.  doi: 10.22035/isih.2017.249