Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 PhD Student of Geography and Urban Planning, College of Geography and Environmental Planning, Sistan and Baluchestan University. Zahidan, Iran.

2 Assistant Professor of Geography and Urban Planning, Sistanand Baluchestan University, Zahidan, Iran.

3 Associate Professorof Geography and Rural Planning, College University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran.

4 Assistant Professor of Economic, Faculty of Economic, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran.


With the changes in the nature of economic development in the post-industrial economy in this century, cultural activities, which in the past were thought to have adverse effects on economic development, have come to play an important role in the discourse of urban planning and regeneration. Therefore, culture-led regeneration has become one of the most prevalent regeneration approaches in many cities around the world. However, after decades of experience of regeneration in Iranian cities, re-generation approaches are still largely based on the repair and physical reconstruction of old areas, and in spite of the rich cultural resources of Iranian cities, there is no comprehensive planning for the exploitation of these potential sources as the driving force for regeneration. However, what is the role of culture in urban regeneration? What is culture-led regeneration and what are its characteristics? What are the models and factors of its implementation? And what challenges does such regeneration face? In terms of objectives, this paper presents fundamental research and has employed descriptive methodology based on contextual data. The purpose of this research is to develop the theoretical literature of culture-led regeneration by providing answers to these questions in the hope of promoting successful experiences of regeneration in Iranian cities. In summing up the discussion, we introduce this approach as an integrated and holistic approach relying on the resources of history, spaces and creative forces.


Pegah Izadi, P., Hadiyani, Z., Hajinejad, A., & Qaderi, J. (2017). Explanation the pattern of culture-led regeneration with emphasis on institutional approach. Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities, 9(2), 163-187. doi: 10.22035/isih.2017.1780.2364