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Universiry of Shahid beheshty


Analogy and metaphor are among figures of speech and play an important role in explaining the complexity. Even though metaphors often are considered among figures of speech but in recent modern years have been used in Scientific discoveries. So we could consider metaphors as a key instrument for removing ambiguity of complex Phenomena. Complexity is a fundamental  Criterion in interdisciplinary studies. So metaphors are very efficient in resolving complexity of interdisciplinary problems. We found six metaphors, as follows, with specific functions in interdisciplinary process: Crossing boundaries, Bridge building, Restructuring, Mapping, Archipelago, and Bilingualism. The four main applications of these metaphors are: 1) Explaining the general meaning of interdisciplinarity; 2) Defining the quality of interaction of disciplines; 3) Determining how to set up a dialogue between disciplines; And 4) Supporting to extract interdisciplinary issues and problems and Research program. With this four applicants we could claim that metaphors are useful instruments throughout the interdisciplinary process.


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