Document Type : Promotion Paper


1 Assistant Professor of Higher Education Development Planning, Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education, Tehran, Iran

2 Ph.D. of Curriculum Planning in Higher Education, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran


The main theme of futures studies in higher education is the systematic identification of forces and drivers of change, opportunities and threats to change, designing a vision and a favorable future for higher education and an effective university, and designing effective strategies and actions to achieve a desirable future. Therefore, this study aims to outline the futures studies desk of higher education located in the Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education during (2014 to 2021) as a systematic manifestation of futures studies in Iran. For this purpose, the qualitative meta-analysis method is used to analyze and integrate these studies with a comprehensive approach (quantitative and qualitative) in both form and content dimensions. Findings in the form of evidence indicate the continuation of desk studies in different years and the participation of a diverse range of stakeholders from the scientific and managerial body of universities, higher education and research institutions. On the other hand, in the content dimension of desk studies in five thematic categories including effective management and planning in higher education, evaluation and quality of universities and research centers, curriculum and university learning, information and communication technology and cyberspace in higher education, economics of higher education and university has been done that under each category, according to the conditions and requirements of the country, priority issues have been selected and studied in an interdisciplinary approach.


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