The Read Out of the Relationship between Law and Ideology in the Light of Interdisciplinary Studies

F. Daneshvar

Volume 8, Issue 4 , December 2016, Pages 1-26

  The interaction between law and ideology is both complex and contentious. This stems from differences in opinions on the definitions of the two concepts and the various ways in which ideology and law might be related to one another. Moreover, the existing diversity in the literature concerning ideology ...  Read More

Presenting an explanatory Model of Students’ Research Self-Efficacy in Research-Oriented Environment

A. Yasini; M. Taban

Volume 8, Issue 4 , December 2016, Pages 27-54

  Research-oriented environments in universities and higher education institutions play an important role in achieving the goals of research in higher education so that it can be expected that if graduate students interact effectively with supervisors, they will have a high sense of efficacy. The main ...  Read More

A Scientometrics and Collaboration Network Analysis of the Quarterly Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities

M. A. Erfanmanesh; M. Morovati Ardakani

Volume 8, Issue 4 , December 2016, Pages 55-77

  The aim of this study is to analyze the collaboration network of authors and institutions in papers published in the quarterly journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities from the first to the 27th issue. Accordingly, the number of publications, authorship patterns, most productive authors ...  Read More

Meaning and foundation of scientific explanation

M. Mardiha

Volume 8, Issue 4 , December 2016, Pages 79-104

  Like philosophy of natural sciences, philosophy of social sciences begins with questioning of the meaning of science and the criterion of scientific explanation. Although in the former, just similar to the latter, the epistemological abstractive discussions are divergent, the practice of science is not. ...  Read More

Philosophy of Educations
The Explanation of Philosophical Features of Complexity Theory and its Implications in Curriculum

P. Najarian

Volume 8, Issue 4 , December 2016, Pages 105-137

  Complexity theory is a new theory originally introduced in natural sciences; however, recently it has been widely used in social sciences, and has been of great interest to educators in the last two decades. Since complexity theory is yet fairly unknown in the majority of fields of science in Iran, especially ...  Read More

pathology of higher education policy research process in Iran

J. Amiri Farahabadi; M. Abolghasemi; M. Ghahramani

Volume 8, Issue 4 , December 2016, Pages 139-171

  According to many experts and scholars of higher education, nowadays the most important factor of inefficiency of higher education policymaking in Iran is nonconformity of policies and decisions with scientific, theoretical and research basics. Policy research is defined as a research process focused ...  Read More

Role of psychology in connecting human sciences for developing interdisciplinary institutions

M. N. Farahani; H. Khanipour

Volume 8, Issue 4 , December 2016, Pages 173-193

  Psychology as a hub science has a good capacity to connect human sciences. Purposes of this article were: Reviewing historical interest among psychologist for interdisciplinary studies; Investigating common issues between psychology and other human sciences; Explaining psychological causes for failures ...  Read More

A Model for Improving Science Diplomacy through Interdisciplinary Aspects in Higher Education and Foreign Policy Systems: Case Study of K.N. Toosi University

T. Moghimi; H. R. Arasteh; K. Mohammadkhani

Volume 8, Issue 4 , December 2016, Pages 195-224

  Science diplomacy is a developing foreign policy and international relationship among nations is affected by science and technology. Because of the major role of higher education in the production and dissemination of science and new technology, this important organization has always been attractive. ...  Read More

Religious studies from the view point of Ninian Smart and reflect on it using a mystical perspective: an interdisciplinary approach of Theology, Religious studies, and Mysticism.

M. Sepehri

Volume 8, Issue 4 , December 2016, Pages 225-245

  Ninian Smart, a distinguished contemporary pioneer of religious studies, moving away from traditional religious studies known as theology, considers his studies to be historical, comparative (in his favorite term cross-cultural), interdisciplinary as well as phenomenological and empathic, and presents ...  Read More