Document Type : Original Research Paper


University of Mohaghegh-e Ardebili, Ardebil, Iran.


Relentless efforts of scholars in humanities to strike a balance between the beliefs of human beings about the world and life on the hand, and the issue of outlook on life (world view) indicates that there is a large gap between people’s beliefs and their outlook on life (world view). Thus, it seems that any thought (however metaphysical or abstract), any experience (at any level of intuition), any point of view and belief (however intra-disciplinary or dated historically) is inevitably influenced by the social conditions. On the other hand, one of the most critical problems in humanities is the lack of paradigm. Therefore Interdisciplinary studies can fill in a portion of this gap. Interdisciplinary Studies and coordination of different specializations in the study or a single problem or various problems requires in the first place, an open, coordinated and analytical mind as well as the thought and initiative of the elite. Interdisciplinary Studies are not limited to specific discipline and cannot be limited within a specific boundary. All scholars in humanities, especially in Iran, should be actively involved in Interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and meta-disciplinary Studies based on their deep philosophical knowledge, academic capabilities, historical background and recent political developments in the country. This is because no human social activity is one-dimensional. Interaction between different disciplines in humanities, however, has made it possible for the humanities to follow new topics in all academic areas. Therefore fallibility of human knowledge, its complimentary nature, multi originality of knowledge and moral commitment necessitate a serious approach to interdisciplinary studies in humanities.