Document Type : Original Research Paper


Freelance Researcher, Tehran, Iran


The interdependence resulting from globalization and the common crisis individuals face make the cooperation among scholars and researchers of different disciplines inevitable. Since promoting the culture of peace has become a significant concern for researchers, managing the current complicated situation needs a peaceful environment. Today, a wide range of studies emphasize the importance of peace believing it can bring calmness, security, stability as well as sustainability. Considering knowledge and awareness as primary concepts in shaping insights, attitudes, and peaceful behavior, the current paper has tried to study the role of a university in promoting the culture of peace. Through a qualitative method and semi-structured interviews with experts in the education domain, a hypothesis was discussed: "the university is an active actor in promoting the culture of peace through its functions (education, research, and social responsibility) and playing a crucial role in diplomacy institution." Based on theoretical and field studies findings, a sustainable university model was found to be an effective one for peace promotion, a university that institutionalizes sustainability in educational, research, and social services.


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