University Development Planning as an Interdisciplinary Area
Volume 1, Issue 2 , April 2009, Pages 1-24

  Planning is one of the human occupations in his social life but its conception has been changed along with social changes. Today, university planning is facing crisis regarding its complex situation: so liner approach in planning cant anwer to the university systems reform and perception. In most "developing ...  Read More

Interdisciplinaries in Higher Education

Hamid Reza Arasteh

Volume 1, Issue 2 , April 2009, Pages 25-40

  Interdisciplinaries in Higher Education   Social problems which threaten future life of human beings and capacities of modern technologies in challenging those problems have increased the need to launch interdisciplinary course. During the past 40 years, such courses have been very useful for ...  Read More

Interdisciplinary Approach in Political Sciences of Canadian Universities: Concept and Implementation

Amir Mohammad Haji Yousefi

Volume 1, Issue 2 , April 2009, Pages 41-46

   Many political scientists believe that political studies are not merely possible on the basis of a single discipline, Therefore, intra-disciplinary (using a collection of specialties in political sciences like comparative politics, political theory, international relations and so on) as well as ...  Read More

Interdisciplinary Sciences in Higher Education

Ali Eftekhari

Volume 1, Issue 2 , April 2009, Pages 65-83

  According to the speedy progress of science and technology during the past years, different branches of science are more dispersed. As a result, there are fewer connections between them in the whole structure of science. On the other hand, solving complicated problems in the realms of science and technology ...  Read More

Interdisciplinarity and its Challenges in Higher Education

Ali khorsandi Taskoh

Volume 1, Issue 2 , April 2009, Pages 85-101

  Interdisciplinary activities are in vogue and are used in institutional fields of “knowledge” and organizational gatherings form “education” and are creditable as a new method for knowledge production and educational policymaking. Despite sporadic resistance, “interdisciplinary ...  Read More

Fostering Interdisciplinary Thought, Prerequisite of Interdisciplinarity in Higher Education (with Emphasis on Issue-Based Learning)

Kiyanoush Mohammadi Rouzbehani

Volume 1, Issue 2 , April 2009, Pages 103-125

  Different developments including technological growth and increased human problems made interdisciplinary cooperation inevitable. On the other hand, traditional attitude to academic fields and specialization has prevented higher education from creating necessary capacities to confront those development ...  Read More

Study of Philosophical Fundamentals of Interdisciplinary Curricula in Higher Education of “Forms of Knowledge” as seen by Analytical Philosophers

Mohammad Hassan Mirza-Mohammadi; Ali Sohbatlou

Volume 1, Issue 2 , April 2009, Pages 127-150

  Curriculum has been a matter of interest to analytical philosophers; Hurst maintains that teaching is by nature an activity which may assume many forms. Analytical philosophers believe that educational and curriculum planning is done in a wrong way and the only logical reason for many educational programs ...  Read More